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3 Reasons to Visit a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto

February 25, 2010

Registered Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of the muscular soft tissues of the body. Basically a registered massage therapist :

  • treats the system that moves you,
  • maintains your posture and
  • allows you to be active.

There are many ways to damage this system. I’ll explain a few common Reasons where this can happen and how a Massage Therapist in Toronto can help.

  1. Falls or Car Accidents – This is usually a sudden accident with very little warning. Common injuries would be a sprain or strain of soft tissue. The more violent the fall or collision, the more damage to your nervous and muscular system.
  2. Overexertion – This is where the muscle fatigues or is overloaded. Chronic running injuries can occur if you push yourself too much or if you are very active at the gym, “pulling” or straining a muscle can occur when you lift too much weight or perform the exercise incorrectly.
  3. Overuse – This is the most common issue I see in my practice. People are working at computers in the same position everyday, doing the same movements everyday. The muscles can and will break down over time. Common complaints of overuse are carpel tunnel syndrome, tension headaches and sciatic type pain.

A Massage Therapist can be effective in treating any of the above issues because he works directly on the structures involved with your symptoms. he also takes the time to educate people as to why this is happening to them and give them tools to improve their health. A massage therapist in Toronto has the ability to decrease your pain, increase your range of motion and lengthen tight and sore muscles through a variety of techniques.

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